Responsibly Sourced

We are deeply committed to quality and sustainability, bringing both ideals hand-in-hand to reach new levels of care, attention to detail and socioeconomic responsibility to the world of coffee.

Obsessively Roasted & Brewed

We nerd out a lot about the way we do things. Because we have so much respect for the farmers that we get our beans from and the people we’re proud to call customers, we can get a little OCD. So, in order to achieve the level of quality that you deserve, we embrace our intense obsessions.

Celebration Of Its Unique Character

We source only the best coffee we can get our hands on and believe that our job as coffee roasters is to highlight the sweet spot in every single coffee that we offer. We roast and cup every coffee in celebration of the the hard work that coffee producers have put into their crop year round, respecting the processes that have gone before us and the preparation and consumption of the coffee that will take place once it is in your hands.


One of the most widely enjoyed aspects of coffee is that it provides a nice jolt of caffeine in the morning that sends us all well on our way to a land of productivity. But many coffee drinkers have come to view and treat this wonderful plant as a commodity.

However, many of us like to hold coffee to a higher standard. We don’t just see it as just a caffeinated utilitarian ritual but as a luxury; something to be enjoyed and savored.

Slow Coffee

Coffee is a work of art, a true form of culinary expertise and should be presented and enjoyed as just that. We’re not saying that it would be wrong to enjoy coffee for the caffeinated benefit, we are merely suggesting that this “slow coffee” approach allows you to enjoy and savor the taste of what the coffee has to offer.

Use Your Senses

Beyond caffeine, what does the coffee have to offer? What aromas do you smell? What flavor notes do you taste? One of the biggest realizations to be made is that coffee doesn’t just taste like “coffee” anymore than a Merlot just tastes like “wine”.

Good Coffee Tells A Great Story

Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting and thinking about what you are consuming. It was grown by a farmer, hand picked and processed, roasted to perfection and then poured into your cup. Let that journey become a part of your experience.

Rather than inhaling a few cups in the morning, why not slow down and take the time to enjoy the little things in life that bring great joy?



Cultivar Coffee Roasters was founded by Jonathan Meadows and Nathan Shelton in 2009. We appreciate every coffee for what it truly is and are committed to taking whatever steps necessary to highlight the amazing, unique character in every coffee. We are committed to both quality and sustainability, bringing both ideals hand-in-hand; bringing a new level of care, attention to detail and socioeconomic responsibility to the world of coffee.

Jonathan has been roasting, brewing and tasting coffee since 2007. Volunteering with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) since 2009 and is a Certified Lead Instructor with the SCAA, having instructed classes on Sample Roasting and Coffee Tasting. Jonathan is also an accomplished Barista, having both competed in the finals of the 2009 South Central Regional Barista Competition and at the United States Barista Competition. He has also served as a Judge at the 2012 Big Central Barista Competition. Mostly recently, Jonathan served on a coffee selection Jury in Peru.

Nathan began working in the world of coffee in 2007. He has volunteered with the SCAA since 2011 and showcased his Barista skills by competing in the Big Central Barista Competition in 2012. He spends most of his time running Cultivar’s shop operations and collaborating with Jonathan on Quality Control and Green Coffee Buying.

Noe started working in coffee at a drive thru Starbucks after high school for some extra cash and ended up loving it. He acquired a taste for coffee and enjoyed making drinks on bar, also using YouTube to learn latte art. Wanting to learn more about the craft of coffee, Noe got a job at The Pearl Cup in Dallas. At the Pearl Cup he met a few enthusiastic baristas that taught him how to pull espresso. Still unsatisfied and wanting a more straight to the chase coffee experience Noe started working for Cultivar Coffee in November of 2012. During his time at Cultivar he has mastered the art and science of coffee preparation. He has also worked his way into roasting coffee and now splits his time between our East Dallas Coffee Bar and the production roaster at our Roasting Works.






Noe (no-ee)