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What tools do I need to brew coffee like a boss?

  • Clean filtered mineral water
  • Coffee grinder
  • Small Scale
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Stove-top or electric kettle to boil water
  • Timer, or an innate and precise sense of timing
  • French Press, Chemex, V60 or anything else you like to brew with

How should I store my coffee?

Our bags are designed with a one-way valve to allow the coffee to de-gas CO2 without allowing harmful oxygen to come back into the bag. To keep your coffee fresh always zip the bag closed using the featured ziplock top. Store your coffee at room temperature and in a dark place. Do not store coffee in the freezer as this will cause moisture to condense on the coffee beans every time you take it in and out of the freezer, damaging the quality of the beans.

You will locate the roast date of our coffee at the bottom of the label. Your coffee begins to age and change from the date it was roasted. After 14 days, you may notice the flavor complexity starting to diminish. Because of this, we suggest ordering smaller quantities more frequently to insure that you are only drinking the highest quality coffee.

What coffee/water ratio should I use?

Grab your scale and weigh out 0.06 grams of coffee for every 1.0 ml of water. So, if you are filling a standard 34oz (~950ml) french press, that would be about 57 grams of coffee (.06g +950ml = 57g).

How dark do you roast your coffee?

Our coffees are roasted on the lighter side to preserve many of the delicate flavor notes. If coffee is roasted too dark, the natural flavors or the coffee get baked out as the beans begin to carbonize, leaving you with a burnt/bitter chocolate flavor.

Do you roast to order?

Yes, we want to ensure that you are receiving the freshest coffee possible. We roast every Tuesday. And ship every Wednesday.

How is your coffee sold?

We don’t want your coffee to sit around for weeks and weeks so we sell in 12 & 16 ounce bags only. Wholesale clients may purchase 2 lb bags.